The Brain Mush Bailout

“Making too many indiscriminate connections will turn your mind to mush. But well-connected representations let you turn ideas around in your mind,
to envision things from many perspectives until you find one that works for you. And that’s what we mean by thinking!”
– Marvin Minsky, scientist and expert on artificial intelligence

In Issue #154

The Brain Mush Bailout
by Monica Day

If you’re doing your job right, it’s bound to happen at least once per project. You will cram so much information into your brain, it will turn to mush.

You will be flooded with facts and details. You’ll hopefully be so sold on your product that you can make a case for anyone buying it. And you’ll think that every bit of it – all the benefits, features, testimonials, and supporting data – has to somehow be reflected in the headline and lead.

Whoa! Slow down there…

In our new course, Finding the World’s Best Ideas, we talk about a stage in the writing process where you have to synthesize the material before you can start to formulate your Big Idea. One of the best tools to speed along this process is to write up a copy platform before you start your promotion. In fact, when I have a new client, I will often share my copy platform with them before the headline and lead even.

A useful copy platform will include:

Whether you share it with your client or not is up to you. But forcing yourself to pull these pieces together and articulate them in this format first is hands down the best way to initiate the process of synthesis. …and helps you flow into a coherent promotion much more quickly.

Resource Referral: The Care And Feeding Of The Copywriters Brain

There’s only one way that a copy platform will bail your brain out of mush: if you’ve made good mush to begin with. This means conducting effective research…not just loading your head up with a bunch of useless junk. 

I know. Research. Ugh. It doesn’t sound very sexy. Unless you’ve done it right.

Like when you come up with a killer, multi-million dollar promotion from a single big idea…now that’s pretty darn sexy if you ask me. But it’s not the easiest skill for beginning copywriters to master.

So Copy Protégé teamed up with one of the top researchers in the business – his name is Richard Conero, and he is the stealth weapon behind some of the top controls of leading direct marketing companies such as Forbes, Agora Publishing, and 21st Century Investor. Through a combination of charm, friendship (and a bottle of Chilean wine if you must know), we convinced Richard to reveal some of his most closely-guarded secrets garnered over the course of his decade of experience as an Informationist.

You can read them all in the very first (drum roll please) Copy Protégé course, Finding the World’s Best Ideas: How to Access More Than $100,000 Worth of Intelligence for as Little as 55 Cents a Day!

We are excited to be sharing this first Copy Protégé course with you today. It has been a long time coming – under construction for a year now! But now that it’s ready, I can assure you I’m not bragging when I say, without reservation…it’s really, really good.

Krista and I have both learned an incredible amount from Richard and are indebted to him for drawing back the curtain on this powerful secret. And we feel confident this course is just what beginning copywriters need to take their career to the next level practically overnight.

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Quick Copy Tip: Why Would You Try To Sell A Hamburger To A Vegetarian?

It’s happened more times now than I can count. I get midway through a copy critique and something isn’t quite right. The headline feels unfocused. Very general. Or the lead starts with a sentence that goes something like this “Maybe you’ve experienced this pain, that ache, or worse, another disease altogether…” That’s usually my cue to ask the next, pivotal question.

“Who’s you target audience for this promotion?”

And then it comes out…the great unraveling of all the people who could possibly be interested in this product or service. In direct response copy, this is the death knell of a promotion.

Instead, force yourself to write to one person. Narrow down your target audience to an age range and other demographic markers to help you really lock in on them. And then write to their deepest desires, fears and emotions.

Even if your product does have broad appeal, target your promotions to specific segments of your list. This will get you a long, long way towards coming up with control-winning copy.