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Dear Aspiring Copywriter,

In September of 2002, two ambitious women met over dinner and discovered they shared three common goals: To become a professional copywriter, enjoy greater freedom in their everyday lives, and achieve a six-figure income.

These two women also found they were very different from one another. One was outgoing; the other was more introverted. One went after her goals aggressively. The other took a more laid back but steady approach.

In fact, though their goals and values were closely matched, everything else about their two stories is different. Their backgrounds, their personalities and temperament, the type of clients they’ve chosen to work with, their lifestyles, their race…everything.

Their successes across these differences taught them a valuable lesson: there is more than one way to achieve your most important goals. It doesn’t matter which road you take, only that you stay on it until you succeed.

This chronicle is our story. I’m Monica Day, and my fellow Copy Protégé is Krista Jones. And we’ve joined forces to bring you a fresh perspective about the road to success for aspiring freelance copywriters like yourself.

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– Sandy D.

Let Our Stories Save You Hundreds
of Hours of Trial-and-Error…
and Thousands of Dollars in Lost Income

We each set our goal to become six-figure freelance copywriters before we’d even met. It was the common thread that bound us in our very first conversation. From that day forward, we discovered that our businesses grew faster and we learned more when we stayed in touch and shared what we were learning with one another.

Today we each write for some of the top direct marketers in the industry—such as Nightingale-Conant and Agora Publishing – and we both achieved our top three goals in less than three years.

If you share our goals – and have set out on a similar path – we would like to reveal to you the same hard-won wisdom and inside secrets we shared with each other along the way..

When we had conversations back then – and even today – we’re open and honest with each other. We’re not afraid to admit when we’re not sure what to do next, or when we screwed up.

That’s exactly how we’ll be when we write to you, too. We won’t hold anything back. Not the stupid stuff we’ve done. Not the missteps, the times we fell on our faces, and exactly how long it took to pick ourselves up and come back swinging.

And of course, we’ll share the smart moves, too. The successes the revelations, the magical moments that make it all worthwhile.

You’ll get nothing less from us than the real story – complete with the professional and life lessons we’ve learned.

Why include life lessons? Because when you make a significant change in your life, it impacts much more than your finances and what you wear to work.

You make personal sacrifices, have daily revelations, fend off constant anxiety, and enjoy sweet, sweet successes that make it all worth it. The only problem is that most of us get too busy to share all our learning along the way.

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– Jim K.

Why You Should Consider Taking
Time Out
of Your Busy Day to Listen
to What We Have to Say

We know there are a lot of newsletters out there competing for your attention. But the thing is, they’re mostly written by master copywriters who have been sitting at the top of the field for years…decades even.

“I just have to say I am thoroughly enjoying your newsletter. It offers so many tasty tips and helpful advice for the fledgling copywriter.”

– Cecilia N.

You know as well as we do, by the time you work your way to the top of anything – you forget exactly what getting there was like! Krista and I are living this road to the top – every day. We are just five years or less away from where you are right this moment. And we’re not here just to give you a pat on the back and a “Go for it!”…

We’re here to give you the real deal of what it takes to reach your goals.

Too often, we have heard our fellow copy protégées give up too soon. They look at the masters in our field and make up excuses for why they can’t follow in their footsteps:

“Well, it was probably easier for him, he didn’t have two children to care for…”

“She got in early when the field was brand new…but now all the work is spoken for…”

“He must have known somebody to get a break like that – that kind of opportunity would never happen for me…”

Bull. It can happen for you.

In fact, since we started writing the Copy Protégé in Spring of 2006, we’ve heard plenty of stories just like ours. It’s simply not that hard to succeed in this business. Our aim is to prove to you that it’s possible – and to help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time it might take if you tried to go it alone.

And here’s something else we think you’ll be interested in…

Find Out How Much More
Than $100,000 a Year is Possible

Neither of us has any intention of slowing down or sitting on our laurels now that we’ve cracked six figures.

We want to know how far we can take this thing. Bob Bly has shared openly that he brings in $600,000 a year…and Clayton Makepeace earns seven figures a year. Michael Masterson catapulted his skills in copywriting into multiple multi-million dollar businesses.

What does it take to earn the next six figures…to start a new business…to learn how to invest…to still enjoy life along the way?

This is where we’re headed.

Let’s discover together how much more than $100,000 a year you can make if you use your copywriting skills in other areas. Let’s find out the truth about what it’s going to take to get there…from scratch.

“Thank you for providing encouragement and tips. Thanks for helping me “scoot around the censor that sits in my left brain shouting nasty comments.” Thanks for taking the “resistance is futile” agony out of tax-time by providing useful tips.

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– Andrea E.

You’re Already a Leader
Now Find Out Why It’s Better
Sometimes to be a Follower

If you’ve found us, odds are you’d like to earn six-figures too. Maybe you have just discovered the lucrative field of copywriting and you’re wondering if it’s for you.

Or perhaps you’re just getting your copywriting business off the ground and you need to reach the upper echelons as quickly as possible. Or maybe you’ve heard that copywriting is a fast and easy way to riches.

If any of those things are the case, stick around. And by the way, if it’s the last point you’re interested in, we’ll show you why you’re exactly right…and exactly wrong, at the same time.

By not making our mistakes…and duplicating our successes… your road to six figures is sure to be an even faster and easier one than ours.

“I just wanted to tell you that I recently subscribed to your ezine about a month ago and I am loving it. You do a great job of really letting us readers see into the life of being a copywriter. You discuss real problems. I subscribe to other copy ezines and the articles in them are more commercial and not as personal. Your recommendations are great and I always enjoy your topics. I look forward to reading your ezine every time I see it in my inbox. Thanks for doing such a great job and keep up the good work.”

– Steph R

Two Roads, One Destination

Each week we’ll reveal a little more about how we achieved success as highly-paid freelance copywriters—and the impact it has had on our lives. Very quickly, you’ll notice just how different our two stories, personalities, and styles are.

But we do share three critical factors of success: the form of copywriting we learned, the place that taught us our skills, and our individual dedication and persistence to making it work.

Within the context of these commonalities and differences could be your own story, if you choose to follow this same path. You can…

Why It’s Time That Copy Protégées
Everywhere Stop Toiling Away in Silence

To become a copy protégé, you have to set aside your ego, and approach every day as one where you must learn more, study more and work harder to continue on your road to mastery.

But you don’t have to do it alone, or in silence.

Certainly, Krista and I could have waited to start writing an e-letter such as this until some future date when we’d ‘arrived.’ When we could sit side-by-side with the Masters with whom we study: Bob Bly, Don Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, Michael Masterson, Jen Stevenson, John Forde….and many more of the top names in the business who have been so gracious with their time and attention in teaching us their craft.

But every time the two of us would get on the phone or send one another e-mail about the things we were learning, our successes and even our failures, the information was so rich. We found we learned as much from each other as we did from the ‘Masters.’

And truthfully, sometimes it was easier to confess our missteps, or celebrate a big project we just landed, or be honest about our struggles trying to pull a good letter together, or ask our most foolish ‘beginner’ questions when we talked to one another as peers.

That’s when we realized that it didn’t make sense to just toil away at becoming masters ourselves in silence…but there was a place for the voice of the copy protégé to begin to speak.

And that’s what we’d like to share with you, if you’d like to join us as a copy protégé yourself.

“Issue #48, practically word for word, is exactly what I needed to hear. Like yours, my life has recently undergone a major upheaval (the passing of my life partner) and I have allowed chaos to just settle around me. I use it as an excuse why I can’t get re-involved in moving forward on my goal of becoming a successful freelancer.

Thank you for this issue — and, while I’m at it, thank you and Krista for sharing all that you do — it really does make a difference.”

– Karen A.

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Our main goal in writing The Copy Protégé is to tell you the truth – about our successes and failures, our growing edges and goals – and to hopefully help you more easily follow your path by sharing our experience of the road that lies ahead.

Let us know how it goes. And we’ll do the same.


Monica Day, Freelance Copywriter
Copy Protégé

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